Nandana Tea Guided Tour

Tour consists of a traditional Sri Lankan kitchen experience, estate & herbal garden visit and a tea tasting session with an optional meal at the end of the tour. You will be guided by one of our experienced guides. 

The first stop would be at the NTF kitchen that is comprised of customary utensils such as firewood hearth, mortar, pestle, coconut scraper, and smoke-attic over the hearth, grinding stone and many other antique items.

The well-kept, well-maintained herbal garden is the next destination. While organizing the jungle-like land some forty years ago, Gunasoma Wanigasekara and the NTF team determined that the age-old significant trees and plants would thrive in the same place. Wild bees swarming and building nests would be another enthralling sight, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Then, to the Tea Factory to see how our tea is made and finally, as a revitalizer to tantalize the palates, a full cup of tea is served for visitors after they choose from a buffet of tea variants, tasting one by one.


Pricing is as below:

Group of 5 – 10: USD 50 for the tour (excluding meals)

Group of 1 – 4: USD 10 per head (excluding meals)

* if you purchase tea from us at the end of the tour, any amount of tea up to the value of the tour ticket will be free*

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