Nandana Tea Factory

The Genesis – the originator

With the quest for the best, springing from the south, Late Mr. D.A Wanigasekara (1860 – 1955), an audacious and courageous innovator, who was inspired to cultivate tea in his hometown Akuressa in 1910 with a prophetical insight, taking full advantage of the monsoon-oriented fertile land and the tropical weather. A town at an elevation of about 40 feet above sea level and just 24 km drive from the southern costal terrain, Matara. Breaking conventions and against all shackles, the gutsy Wannigasekara demonstrated with elen.

The propagator

Late. M.P. Wanigasekara (1906-2000), a second gen General who uncompromisingly followed in his father’s footsteps, created the foundation for Nandana Tea Factory (NTF) in 1967, mastered the low-grown tea techniques and advanced in producing black tea.

Passing of the baton to Third Generation

Courage from the grandfather and nitty-gritty techniques from the father, the boldness and innovation went unabated with a judicious blend in Gunasoma Wanigasekara, the 3rd generation pioneer. Not abandoning the antique touch, yet in the purity of the present day’s class, the mark of the plethora is earmarked as Nandana Tea, the legendary tea, climbed to the next level. Nandana Tea Factory sharpened the production techniques and enhanced the quality of teas produced to match global standards with state-of-the-art machinery, a rigorous 5-S system, and up-to-date hygienic measures, winning many prestigious awards both nationally and internationally. The timely move of Nandana Tea Factory with over 100+ years of know-how in the trade proliferated and expanded its territories. Thus, becoming the finest producers of low-grown teas along with various other eminent tea commodities.

The Knowledge Force

The Nandana Teas success would be futile if it were not for its dedicated and enthusiastic family of non-clock-watching knowledge workers. Their spirit of coherence and complementarity within and across the organization makes it remarkable strength, which keeps the bottom line alive and produces a great working relationship and environment. The immense support and spontaneity portrayed by these stalwarts at all levels has marked the success of NTF in developing tea embedded with the touch of primeval tradition in their packaging and preserving the uniqueness in the aroma, flavor and quality. NTF extends a Royal Salute to them, which they so richly deserve.